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  • Holiday

    July 4, 2022 at 4:47 pm

    I agree with some replies regarding the risk from mining company about humanitarian, which shall be considered as the ethical issue and core beliefs amony the three parties locally. Besides, the family-owned foundation might be different from the local community in visions and values considering it’s more like a JV with division to family members, might also be different from the mining company considering the form of entity and capital investment.

    Thus, to reach a mutual consent for the partnership, some backgroud investigation and due dillgence research regarding the core issues including 1)the purpose of this project, in other words, what’s the priority of the usage of the church especially from local people and during construction (Because once I heard from a local community complained a lot for the smartphone commecial outside the restoring church).

    2)what’s the cost distribution? 3)what’s the benefits and conflicts? 4) how to undertake in steps and who should be responsible for; 5) poential options and the feedback from local individuals; and 6)follow-ups.